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If you own a property in France there are several tax items with which you should be familiar. These are detailed below.

French Tax Guides

These are designed to give you an overview of the possible issues that can arise as a result of ownership of a French rental property.

Tax Returns – Leaseback / Furnished / Unfurnished

Filing a French Tax Returns will usually need some or all of the following services which we can provide;

  • Registration with the local tax office (first year of activity)
  • Annual local tax return
  • Non Resident return
  • Wealth Tax Return
  • Value Added Tax (TVA) Return
  • CFE Return
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculation on Sale for the country of residency
  • Deregistration with the local tax office (last period of activity)

Behind the scene on all of these returns are additional confirmation, mandates and documents which are prepared and sent to you for review. This ensures that you have all the necessary documentation in the event of a tax inspection.

Where possible we offer standard prices for these services. We always agree an engagement cost upfront before undertaking any work which saves on unexpected costs.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide services for French companies (SCI’s) at present.

We can also provide a Case III calculation which is the Irish / UK tax calculation for the French property. This is based on the information provided to us and is a good starting point for your local accountant.