Foreign Tax Returns – Chartered Accountants with a French twist.

At Foreign Tax Returns, we have been providing tax services for over 14 years. Back in 2006 we noticed that a lot of Ireland and UK based individuals bought French property and didn’t really understand their tax obligations in France.

So, to assist our clients, we started to prepare French Tax Returns for Irish and UK resident individuals. Since 2006 we have filed over 4300 tax returns and assisted hundreds of individuals in getting up to date on their French tax returns.

We have also successfully appealed late penalties and interest from the French Tax Authorities on numerous occasions.

We offer a bespoke service to assist owners get up to date with their French property and remain up to date into the future.

French Tax Returns

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We have been providing French Property Tax Compliance Services for over 14 years to Irish and UK-based property owners.

From registering for income tax with the local tax office (greffe) to assisting with paying back VAT on sale of leaseback property, we provide a bespoke service to help you get on top of your French property tax obligations. If we don’t know what you need to do, let us review your file and get you a plan to become compliant. We offer fixed fees where possible and agree engagements up front.

We have information on the various taxes applicable to property ownership in France available here.

Have a read of our guide and if you want to see if we can assist you get in touch on the contact page.

Remember, if you think the cost of compliance is high, you should see the cost of non-compliance. Local French tax returns that are late can be penalised with flat fines of €1,050.

Irish Tax Returns

Of course, being Chartered Accountants in Ireland, we also offer a range of Irish accounting and tax services too. Whilst our speciality is in French Tax Returns we can offer a full range of Irish Accounting and Taxation services too.

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